Finding Needles
in the Haystack.

Lavi is a Micro-Fund that makes few investments in a number of select startups. We pride ourselves on locating unique opportunities buried in the vast crowd-funding and private funding deals.

About Lavi

Featured Portfolio Companies

Innocan Pharma.

Innocan is a specialty pharma company, developing products that harness the unique properties of Cannabinoids combined with smart delivery formulations. Innocan went public on the CSE in Septempber 2019.


Twik is an ML based cloud platform that tailors content and UX according to each visitor’s demographic and behavioural data. It features key performance indicators that you can target with based on real-time actions.


Tallyfy is workflow software that helps  create, track and scale any repeatable process. It eliminates the use of flowcharts, forms and emails by digitizing manual business processes and approval workflows.


Indorz delivers a scalable and precise facility optimization technology for greenhouses and indoor facilities. Indorz technology optimizes operations, maximizes production output, and increases profits.


Albe offers a new way to evaluate credit applications and monitor credit payment. Albe's AI credit algorithm is based on behavioural science and game theory, helping applicants get better access to funding.


Lavi has a number of other investments that we cannot disclose currently. These startups are in early stealth stages and will be disclosed at a later date when possible.

About Lavi.


Founded in 2018 by young entrepreneurs and former founders, Lavi operates on unique VC model. Our small staff are all partners and are also all analysts and our efforts are geared at scouring our various resources to find the "needles in the haystack" and committing small amounts of capital as part of larger investment rounds.


We are open to all investments, We especially love startups that focus on web and mobile tech and a we have a deep passion for fintech, AI, Automation/Productivity Tech and Cannabis related ventures.


When looking to invest, we seek strong teams with relevant professional backgrounds, a strong beta product, and ideally already initial revenue topped off with a passion for solving problems.


Lavi is based in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel. But we don't limit ourselves to investing purely in Israeli Tech.


We are always looking for exciting new opportunities and partnerships.

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